TouchTymp Line

MAICO’s touchTymp line offers 10.4” touch screen with user-friendly interface. The versions MI 26 and MI 36 provide air, bone conduction audiometry; the line is easy to handle with features like unique light bars. With their touchTymp RaceCar test the children easily and faster by keeping them busy on car race animation.

Product Features

  • Quick screen transitions
  • Full touch-based interface
  • Probe tones 226 Hz, 678 Hz, and 800 Hz
  • Acoustic reflex stimuli 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz for screening
  • BB, HP and LP for diagnostic versions
  • Diagnostic versions with ETF test
  • Versions with AC and BC audiometry also available


The line consist of devices ideal for screening and middle ear diagnostics, MI 24 and 26 comes with pen probe for screening tests. MI 34 and 36 are provided with light shoulder box, which can be clipped on patient.


Middle Ear Testing

Test patients of all ages from newborn patients to older adults with touchTymp line. It provides reliable results with high-frequency probe tone of 1 kHz.

Easy Tympanometry for children

With touchTymp RaceCar test the children easily and faster by keeping them busy on car race animation. Children get engaged into colorful animation helping the professionals easy testing by saving timeand effort both. It is available with all the protocols of touchTymp MI 24, MI 26, MI 34 or MI 36.



With MI 26 and 36 analyze middle ear and audiometry tests in one device, switch between tests easily.  MI 26 can be used for middle ear and audiometric screening tests and MI 36 for middle ear and audiometry diagnostic functions.

Printing and Data Management

You can customize the language as per your preference in the touchTymp’s software; it has a user-friendly interface for comparing a patient’s measurements. With touchTymp built-in printer print automatically test results and reports.


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