Maico Diagnostics

MAICO (Medical Acoustic Instrument Company) is a medium-sized company having an experience of more than 80 years in hearing test technology. They have been working since then towards advance hearing healthcare. They develop intuitive and easy to use hearing screening devices for hearing health professionals around the world.

Leland A. Watson was the founder of the company he developed the world’s first hearing test instrument with a “zero reference level” to accurately measure hearing loss. MAICO is part of the Demant Group since 1995.

The products developed by MAICO supports hearing healthcare professionals with the best and most advanced features. Their specialized technology with highly intuitive design keeps pushing the boundaries of what is possible in hearing screening. MAICO’s offered products include a range of Audiometers, Tympanometers, ABR, and OAE.

1-Audiometer: It is a device used to evaluate the hearing threshold of a person and is used by an audiologist, ENT clinics, or other trained personnel.

Product Features

  • Tone and speech audiometer
  • Pure-tone, pulsed, and warble as test signals
  • Speech tests via CD, WAV files, or microphone
  • Optional patient database

2-Tympanometers: These are available with both screening and diagnostic functions and can be adapted as per your needs. It improves your daily workflow with wide touch-screen and a user-friendly interface that would help you to change the parameters easily.

Product Features

  • High resolution
  • Full touch-based interface
  • Diagnostic versions with ETF test
  • Versions available with AC & BC audiometry

3-ABR: Auditory Brainstem Response is used for easy and fast hearing tests; it is an innovation in Newborn Hearing Screening. To grant babies the comfort these devices come with integrated electrodes and a speaker with an ear cushion.

Product Features

  • Fast and automated
  • Integrated electrodes
  • Automatic impedance check

4-OAE: Otoacoustic emissions are perfect for hearing screening programs for newborns and young children; therefore widely used at pediatric facilities. It allows for a quick assessment of the auditory system up to the cochlea with “Pass” or “Refer” outcomes.

Product Features

  • Screening and diagnostic measurements
  • Fast, automatic OAE screening
  • Lightweight, small ear probe
  • Sharp OLED display
  • Wireless communication