MB 11 BERAphone®

This innovative Newborn Hearing Screening offers fast hearing test without any adhesive disposables. The device is comfortable for babies and comes with integrated electrodes and a speaker with ear cushion. MB 11 can detect and verify response at 35 dB nHL.

Product Features

  • Fast and automated screening
  • Integrated electrodes
  • Automatic impedance check
  • CE-Chirp® Stimulus
  • Stimulus level of 35 dB nHL

Patented CE-Chirp®

MB 11 has in-built MAICO’s patented CE-Chirp® which stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time. This will lead to faster and accurate results. With powerful detection algorithm and CE-Chirp® stimulus achieve accurate pass and refer results within seconds.


Easy and Comfortable

Test the newborns easily while they are asleep by applying the electrode gel on baby’s head and on the integrated electrodes. Easily place the BERAphone® so that it surrounds the ear completely. It is totally disposables free and saves you cost.

Intutive Software

You can transfer data easily to a PC via USB connection and use the intuitive PC software. Screeners get feedback through “Traffic Light” display. HiTrack or Oz can be used through export functions.


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