Micra+ Audiometer

Tests Air Conductions, Bone Conductions and Speech
Operation Soft Feather Touch Control Keys
Interrupter Normal and Pulse Tone
Free field Test Optional
PC connection Thru USB Port
Frequency Range 250 - 8000Hz
Intensity Range

AC - (-) 10dB To 120dB

BC - (-)10dBTo 70dB

Speech - (-) 10dB To 100dB

FF - (-) 10dB To 120dB

Distortion Less than 0.1% in Tone
Special Feature Tone decay, Talk over and Talk back
Masking Wide band, Narrow Band & Speech Band
Display 16 Characters 2 Row LCD Display
Weight 1500 gms
Calibration Software Calibration
Power Supply AC 230V-50Hzh/DC 12V(Optional)
HD-01 (Optional TDH-39) Head Phones, B-71 Radio Ear Bone
Vibrator with Head band, Talk Back MIC, Patient Response
Button, Power Supply Cable, Software CD, Carrying Case,
USB Cable and Audiogram Pad.


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