Tests Air Conductions, Bone Conductions and Speech
Operation Soft Feather Touch Control Keys
Free field Test Optional
PC connection Thru USB Port
Frequency Range 250 - 8000Hz
Intensity Range

AC - (-) 10dB To 120dB

BC - (-)10dBTo 70dB

Speech - (-) 10dB To 100dB

FF - (-) 10dB To 120dB

Distortion Less than 0.1% in Tone
Special Feature SISI, Tone Decay, Talk over and Talk back
Masking Wide band, Narrow Band & Speech Band
Display 16 Characters 2 Row LCD Display
Weight 1500 gms
Calibration Software Calibration
Power Supply AC 230V-50Hzh/DC 12V(Optional)
HD-01 (Optional TDH-39) Head Phones, B-71 Radio Ear Bone
Vibrator with Head band, Talk Back MIC, Patient Response
Button, Power Supply Cable, Software CD, Carrying Case,
USB Cable and Audiogram Pad.


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