Diagnostics Audiometer

Two-Channel Audiometer

The endeavor Advance is a two-channel audiometer with pure tone,
speech and free field audiometric testing. It can be used for ENT diagnostics
and hearing aid fittings in the office, and for mobile audiometry.

Tone audiometry

The Endeavour Advance performs tests using air conduction headphones,
bone conduction receiver, optional insert phones or optional loudspeakers.
Built-in test signals include pure tone, pulse tone, warble tone, narrow
band and broad band noise.

Speech audiometry

The Endeavour Advance device allows the playback of speech files from a
CD input or via mic for live speech and for CD speech test material.

The talk forward and talk back functions as well as the monitor phone
facilitate its operation, especially in noise excluding cabins.


The Endeavour Advance offers high connectivity with USB connection
to PC. The optional Auditivo audiometry module enables the automatic
data transfer of all test results of the Endeavour Advance.

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