MedRx is a US-based well-known manufacturer for developing highly-advanced diagnostic and hearing aid instruments; especially designed for health professionals around the world. Built-in software tools in their audiological product line assist in demonstrating “real world” experiences to the hearing impaired people and also allow professionals to demonstrate better technologies, which leads to better patient satisfaction.

MedRx range of instruments is known in the industry due to their smaller size and affordability. They have created New Generation of powerful PC-based instrumentation for Live Speech Mapping, Real Ear Measurement, Audiometry, Hearing Instrument Testing and more.

Their instrumentation allows updates, product options and new features to be easily downloaded from their website 24-hours a day. MedRx’s offered products include a range of Audiometers, REM/LSM, Tinnometer, Accessories, and UltraVac+.

1-Audiometers: MedRx offers three PC-based and portable, dual channel audiometers and one screening audiometer.

Product Features

  • Complete bone, air, speech and masking audiometry
  • Built-in special tests, word lists and auto-scoring
  • Automated audiometry
  • HLS & MHA for 3rd party demonstration
  • USB connection

2-REM/LSM: MedRx Offers 3 Real Ear Measurements (REM) and Live Speech Mapping (LSM) systems. It provides accurate verification of the hearing instrument according to a specific patient.

Product Features

  • Real Ear Measurement (REM)
  • Live Speech Mapping (LSM)
  • Binaural
  • Monaural
  • Built-In Amplifier
  • Rainbow Passage
  • Master Hearing Aid/Hearing Loss Simulator

3-Tinnometer: It provides tracking patient’s tinnitus with tools designed for tinnitus. You can track changes in tinnitus easily, generates customized reports meeting Medicare requirements.

Product Features

  • Customized stimulus and reports
  • Control level, shape, and frequency
  • Save and recall sessions
  • Quickly pitch match

4-UltraVac+: It is easy to use and easy to clean, thus ideal for the newcomers and at the same time is powerful enough to satisfy the demands of the most experienced technician.

Product Features

  • 4 minute Drying Chamber cycle
  • Display panel indicating vacuum level and time
  • Separate Pressure and Vacuum Wands
  • In-line Vacuum Hose filter











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